About The College of Arts and Humanities at UTPA

The College of Arts and Humanities includes the departments of Art, Communication, English, History and Philosophy, Modern Languages and Literature, and Music.

The goals of the College of Arts and Humanities are based upon the recognition that a liberal arts education is the foundation for all University studies. Plays, concerts, art exhibitions and special events provide access to cultural events for the entire Rio Grande Valley.

Academic Programs - Bachelor's Degrees


  • BFA ART Studio
  • BFA ART Graphic Design
  • BA ART Certified All Levels Public Schools


  • BA CSTU Communication Studies
  • BA CSTU Certified Speech HS
  • BA JOUR Journalism Print
  • BA JOUR Journalism Broadcast
  • BA JOUR Journalism Advertising/PR
  • BA JOUR Certified Journalism HS
  • BA THEA Theater Performance
  • BA THEA Theater Design
  • BA THEA Theater TV/Film
  • BA THEA Certified Theater HS


  • BA ENGL English (no emphasis)
  • BA ENGL English Literature
  • BA ENGL English Border Studies
  • BA ENGL English Cultural Studies
  • BA ENGL English Creative Writing
  • BA ENGL English Writing and Discourse
  • BA ENGL English Applied Linguistics
  • BA ENGL English Language and Linguistics
  • BA ENGL English (pre fall 2007)
  • BA ENGL English Language Arts Certified 4-8
  • BA ENGL English Certified HS
  • BA ENGL English Certified HS with ESL endorse


  • BA HIST History
  • BASC SOSC Social Studies Composite Certified HS
  • BA MEAH Mexican American Heritage
  • BA PHIL Philosophy


  • BA MUSI Music Applied Instrument (Performance)
  • BA MUSI Music Applied Voice/Keyboard (Performance)
  • BA MUSI Music Instrument Certified All Levels Public Schools
  • BA MUSI Music Voice/Keyboard Certified All Levels Public Schools

Master's Degrees

  • Art
  • English
  • English as a Second Language
  • Master of Fine Arts (Creative Writing)
  • History
  • Music
  • Spanish
  • Speech Communication
  • Theater
  • Master of Arts in Interdisciplinary Studies

Students and Faculty

Students participate in seminars, special projects, internships and various performance groups amid the myriad opportunities offered by the College of Arts and Humanities. Graduates have gone on to operate galleries and perform on Broadway, in movies and in television. Others are now professional musicians, music teachers and journalists or have gone on to pursue law or other professional degrees.

Students with demonstrated musical ability may perform with the University Band, University Choir, University Mariachi, Valley Symphony Orchestra, University Chamber Orchestra, Jazz Ensemble, Guitar Ensemble, Percussion Ensemble and in smaller performing groups that are formed through student interest such as the Latin Salsa Ensemble.

The faculty members are experienced and focus on providing hands-on opportunities to students – from writing, producing or acting in a campus film or stage production to producing a literary magazine. The full-time faculty teaches not only at the junior to graduate levels but also provide most of the classroom instruction for freshmen and sophomore students. Faculty also provide assistance to students on an individual basis through out-of-class conferences, specialized instructional activities and other student service contributions. The faculty’s commitment to research, scholarship and creativity is evidenced by their numerous performance, presentation and publication accomplishments.

Special Programs and Facilities

UT Pan American provides a number of programs and facilities to support the special interests of students in the College of Arts and Humanities.

The Charles and Dorothy Clark Gallery, located in the Fine Arts Complex, and the University Gallery, located in the Communication Arts and Sciences Building, are available for exhibits of senior bachelor of fine arts students and others.

Students may participate in two publications under the auspices of the Department of Communication – The Pan American, a weekly student newspaper, and Panorama, an annual yearbook magazine for students. The English Department also provides students with opportunities to participate in Gallery, a student literary magazine published annually.

The Albert Jeffers Theatre produces 7 to 10 full-length plays each year, including three Pan American Summer Stock (PASS) productions. There are also two other theatre venues on campus offering quality productions. Performances for children and children’s theatre classes are frequently offered. Pan American Summer Television (PAST) gives students the opportunity to produce a full-length TV movie. A complete TV studio with two sound stages is available on campus.