Graphic Design

The Graphic Design program places strong emphasis on developing a visual language with a concentration on intelligent decision making within the multiple facets of graphic art, corporate communications, editorial design, and interactive design. Courses are heavily ingrained with the process of design, theory, and development of a personal methodology.

The graphic design department encourages students to utilize these elements to seek exploration and a voice while utilizing contemporary technology leading to a successful career in a rich professional field of design.



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Degree Plan

BFA Studio, Specialization in Graphic Design
Core Curriculum Requirements 43 hours
Core Courses 66 hours
ART 1311 Drawing I
ART 1332 Typography
ART 1334 Design I
ART 1335 Design II
ART 2321 Painting I
ART 2351 Arts of the West to 1400 A.D.
ART 2352 Arts of the West Since 1400 A.D.
ART 2361 Printmaking I
ART 3330 Image and Illustration
ART 3331 Visual Communication
ART 3333 Design and Production
ART 3334 Photography as an Art Form
ART 3335 Communication Design I
ART 3336 Communication Design II
ART 3338 Ideas and Styles
ART 3396 Contemporary Art
ART 4333 Graphic Design I
ART 4334 Graphic Design II
ART 4337 Digital Photography
ART 4338 Interactive Design
ART 4339 Portfolio
ART 4393 BFA Senior Exhibit
Art History Electives 6 hours
Select two advanced Art History courses.
Lower Division Elective 3 hours: Select one lower division studio art course.
Advanced Elective 3 hours
Select three advanced hours from the following:
ART 3332 Digital Image Processing
ART 3337 Type Design
ART 3339 Professional Photographic Documentation
ART 4336 Multimedia Production and Design
ART 4388 Special Topics in Art
ART 4391/4392 or any other advanced elective, University wide Other Major Requirements
A grade of C will be the minimum prerequisite grade for continuing studio courses in sequence.
A grade of C or better in ART 4393, as determined by a studio panel, is required for the BFA degree.
TOTAL: 121 hours