Latin American Art History

The art historians welcome you to the joys of discovery and visual excitement in art and architectural history. Our specializations enable us to provide thorough coverage of the Pre-Hispanic, Viceregal (Spanish Colonial) and modern art and architecture of Latin America and of the U.S. people of Hispanic cultural heritage.

Because the UTPA Art Department is alone in the U.S. in dedicating upper division courses single-minded to the art and architectural history of Latin America and of the Hispanic people in the U.S., it can do full justice to the richness and variety of this heritage in a way appropriate to the literally Pan-American cultural and geographic location of UTPA.

We invite everyone to join us in this zestful quest for the indescribable humanistic riches, fulfillment and self-revelation inherent to Latin American, Latino, and Pan-Iberian art and architecture set in the solid foundation of their worldwide artistic context.

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Degree Plan

Bachelor of Arts in Art with Concentration in Mexican, Latin American and Latin@ Art and Architectural History
Core Curriculum 43 hours
Core Courses 27 hours
ART 1311 Drawing I
ART 1334 Design I
ART 2351 Ancient Art of the West
ART 2352 Art of the West 1000-1840 A.D.
ART 3339 Professional Photographic Documentation
ART 3350 Research Methods in Art and Architectural History
ART 3396 Contemporary Art
ART 4359 Seminar on Topics in Art History This is the capstone course.
Choose one of the following:
ART 1332 Typography
ART 1333 Digital Media
ART 1335 Design II
ART 2303 Jewelry/Metalworking I
ART 2321 Painting I
ART 2341 Sculpture I
ART 2361 Printmaking I
ART 2371 Ceramics I
Advanced Art History Courses: Choose any eight of the following: 24 hours
ART 3351 Pre-Hispanic Mesoamerican Art and Architecture
ART 3355 History of Spanish Architecture 711-1825 A.D.
ART 3357 Mexican and Caribbean Viceregal Art & Architecture
ART 3358 Andean Pre-Hispanic Art and Architecture
ART 3359 South American Viceregal Art and Architecture
ART 4350 Modern Mexican Art 1785-1940
ART 4352 Modern Mexican Art since 1940
ART 4355 Modern Art of South America and the Caribbean
ART 4356 History of Photography
ART 4357 Art and Architecture of Asia, Africa and Oceania
ART 4358 Latino Art
ART 4359 Seminar on Topics in Art History (may be repeated once if the topics are substantially different)
Designated Electives: 9 hours
Choose nine hours from any other advanced Art Department courses provided that their prerequisite courses have already been completed with minimum grades of C.
Approved Minor: 18 hours, of which at least 6 must be advanced. 18 hours
TOTAL: 121 hours