Message from the Chair

Professor Susan Fitzsimmons

Art signifies transcendent communication, and art techniques enable this dialogue. An art department then develops individual directions among its students and emphasizes creative and critical thinking. This border region of Texas, with surfeit time and space, foments the creative process. In this unique environment we are witness to a visual river of regional artistic differentiation. But the presumption of a homogenous aesthetic on either shore of this river can produce disorientation.

But art, with requirements few but awesome, can provide a compass. As artists and human beings, our intellects are concentrated on seriousness of purpose, inspirational integrity, and richness of a cultural history. In the Art Department here at University of Texas Pan American, we aspire to teach critical thinking, diverse aesthetic practices, and artistic skills.

We are located in Edinburg, Texas, close to South Padre Island and Mexico, with a lovely tropical climate. The program operates in a rich multicultural environment with abundant opportunity for artistic development. The University of Texas - Pan American is a component of the University of Texas System. In August 2012, the Art Department moved to a newly renovated facility with over 73,000 square feet of studio space. The facility is state-of-he-art in all studio areas. Our program emphasizes traditional techniques accented by the exploration of new media.