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The purpose of the site is to provide faculty with self-assistance information for use in the development and delivery of online learning.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ's) for Faculty

I will be teaching a fully online course for the first time, what do I need to do?

Complete the Teaching Online: Blackboard Learn Training (TOL) training session.

This training is self-paced, fully online, and consists of two core components,

(1) Digital Skills for Teaching Online and (2) Blackboard Learn.

You will need to sign up for the training session before the registration deadline for that particular semester.

This course is designed to provide you with the information necessary to assist you with the development and facilitation of quality online educational components. If you don’t complete the training before the deadline, you will be unable to teach online courses using Blackboard Learn for that particular semester.

To sign up for the training you will need to:

  1. Click on COLTT Training
  2. Log in using your UTPA credentials
  3. Click on the register button for Teaching Online: Blackboard Learn Training

After you register for the training, you will receive an email with instructions on how to login and start the training.

Why do I not see my courses listed in Blackboard Learn (Bb Learn)?

First, login to the UTPA ASSIST Self Service and verify that you are listed as the instructor of record for the particular course you are trying to access in Bb Learn.

If you ARE listed as the instructor of record for the course, submit a request to add you to the course in Bb Learn by filling out a Faculty Help Request at the Center for Online Learning, Teaching & Technology (COLTT) website.

If you are NOT listed as the instructor of record for the course, request your Department Chair to submit a Faculty Help Request, requesting that you are added to the course in Bb Learn.

How do I add or remove users (TA's, students, other professors) in my course?

Submit a Faculty Help Request. Make sure to provide all names, ID numbers and course in which they need to be added or removed.

How do I merge or unmerge my courses?

You will need to submit a Faculty Help Request using the COLTT website. Make sure to provide the course number, section, semester and call number for each of the sections you want to merge or unmerge.

Where can I learn how to use software such as Blackboard, Softchalk, Tegrity or other?

The Center for Online Learning, Teaching and Technology provides online and face-to-face software training. For date and times, visit our website

How do I create a calculated formula to get my student’s final grades?

Blackboard Learn Grade Center has several calculated columns types that can be personalized to suit the grading parameters of your courses. Commonly used Calculated Column types include: Average, Total, Minimum and Maximum Grade, and Weighted. 

How can I move my course material from a previous semester to the current semester?

For a course previously taught using Blackboard Learn, you need to follow the instructions provide in this Export a Course Package video.

Then, view and follow the directions on Importing a Course Package video.

Can I import my course from Blackboard CE 8 to Blackboard Learn?

It is preferred to re-create your course inside Bb Learn instead of importing content from Bb CE 8.

However, if you decide to import from Bb CE 8, you will need to fill out a Faculty Help Request.

Make sure to provide course information and semester in which it was taught.

The following documentation is provided as a guide to reconstruct your Bb CE 8 course inside Bb Learn.

How do I provide extra time on an assessment for students with disabilities?

By using Adaptive Release, you will be able to customize the release of content to meet the needs of individual students.

Recreate the exam for the student so that adaptive release criteria can be applied and only accessible to the individual.

You can change options for the assessment, such as number of attempts and amount allotted in the EDIT THE TEST OPTIONS found in the same menu area as ADAPTIVE RELEASE.

You can learn more about Adaptive Release at the Bb Learn On Demand Learning Center

Where you will find the “Creating a Simple Adaptive Release Rule” video.

How do I upload quizzes and exams to Bb Learn?

There are two methods for accomplishing this, using Bb Learn and using Respondus.

Bb Learn On Demand Learning Center features dozens of video tutorials pertaining to Assessing Learners.

Respondus provides a simplified method for converting MS Word-formatted exams and uploading them into Bb Learn. Tutorials are available at the Respondus website.

Additionally, COLTT provides Respondus training. See COLTT Professional Developmental Series website for details.

How do I create groups in blackboard?

Students can be placed in groups to allow them to work together. Groups can be created one at a time or in sets.

To create a single group where you decide the members, click here.

To learn how to create a set of groups and allow the system to randomly assign members, click here.

How do I grade discussion postings?

When creating a discussion forum or thread, be sure to set the item to gradable under their settings.

For step-by-step instruction on how to grade postings, please click here for forums and here for threads.

How can I add files/folders in my blackboard course?

Blackboard provides a central location for organizing and storing content. You can move files and folders from your computer to your course. Files can then be linked anywhere in your course where attaching files is available. To learn more, click here.

How can I show a video to my students in blackboard?

Please be sure to address copyright licensing’s and permissions before showing any videos to students. If you have questions about what is permissible, please visit or contact Kelly Leu, the Copyright & Scholarly Communications Librarian.

If you are the owner, we can host the video on our servers and provide you with a link to post within your course. To learn more about adding multimedia to your course, click here.