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Global Hospitality Management Program (GHMP)

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The Global Hospitality Sales and Marketing course is designed to provide students with state of the art current selling and marketing skills to book more business, while understanding the core concepts within the global hospitality industry. Students will be introduced to innovative proven marketing strategies and examine how these strategies are successfully implemented in marketing the hospitality services of the four components of tourism; Transportation, Lodging, Food & Beverage and Activities.

GHSM consists of 16 lessons arranged in module format and delivered over an 8-week period. The curriculum is completely asynchronous and disseminated through the online Blackboard learning system. The lessons are primarily self-paced within the timeframe allotted. Two lessons will be delivered per week with assignments, activities and assessments due at the completion of each lesson. The curriculum for the program includes 8 major components organized into the following modules: Students can select any 2 electives among the following modules:

Note:  Course instruction will be in English.

Course Objectives

  • Introduction to Hospitality Marketing and Sales Globally.
  • The Marketing Plan: Developing a concise plan to increase your inbound markets.
  • Continued, The Marketing Plan: Developing a concise plan to increase your inbound markets .
  • How to achieve the “selling process”. The four step model.
  • Advertising and Branding; How do you create brand awareness in a universal world.
  • Global Case Study; How to capture the world market. “Accor Hotels”.
  • Marketing to leisure travelers outbound to the “rest of the world”.
  • Marketing to MICE travelers outbound to the “rest of the world”.

Students receive a certificate from The University of Texas-Pan American upon successful completion.

Course Information

Instructional methods will consist of readings, online video presentations and assigned assignments. Students will access assignment and course information via the UTPA Blackboard account for GHSM.

After successful completion of the course, students will be able to:

  • Understand and assess global sales & marketing concepts within the hospitality industry.
  • Apply theories of learning to case studies within Asia/Middle East/Latin America and USA.
  • Demonstrate the ability to implement various sales & marketing skills within the global industry.
  • Determine the components and develop of a successful marketing plan.
  • Master how you sell to the MICE group and leisure markets globally.
  • Understand the aspects of advertising and public relations within your sector.

Course Schedule

Last offered on Sep 6th, 2014
This is a fully online, self-paced course, with prescheduled weekly webinar sessions conducted by the instructors and includes discussion boards designed to share best practice ideas from different regions of the world.



The course fee is $249 per person.


Dr. Dramberger

Course Instructor


Ms.Dawn Walzak

Course Instructor