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The Evolving Healthcare Market in South Texas – Managed Care and Its Influence in Quality of Care Outcomes


This workshop will provide a basic understanding of the fundamentals of how managed care operates within the South Texas Market and how through the implementation of quality based initiatives, it strives to affect positive outcomes in the populations served. The participants will be able to gain insight to future market trends that will include compensation models based on quality outcomes.

Course Objectives:

  • Understand current evolution of South Texas Healthcare market place
  • Quality initiatives undertaken by Managed Care Organization (MCOs)
  • Pay for Performance concept and how it affects healthcare practice.
  • Become familiar with the Medicaid and its future evolution
  • Become prepared to adapt and thrive within a managed care market place

Course Date

Last offered on September 10th, 2014 from 11:30 a.m.– 1 p.m.

Who Should Attend?

  • Physicians & mid-level practitioners.
  • Practice Managers
  • Rehab Facilities.
  • Ancillary Providers.
  • Home Health and Hospice providers.
  • DMEs'.
  • Any medicare or medicaid provider.


Orlando Julian, MBA

ORLANDO A. JULIAN is currently vice president of operations for Superior Health Plan in the Hidalgo service delivery area. He joined Superior Health Plan in late 2011 in order to prepare and assist the company with its expansion of operations into the South Texas region. Mr. Julian has a master’s degree in business administration from UTPA and is also trained as a physician.

With over 15 years of experience in the administrative and operational aspects of health care, Mr. Julian has held important executive positions in multi-location physician offices, hospitals, home-health agencies and managed care organizations in both Florida and Texas. Most recently the State of Texas’ managed care expansion and the passing into law of the Affordable Care Act has brought about many sweeping changes affecting physician practices that either have already been implemented or are planned to take effect in the very near future. One of Mr. Julian’s goals is to focus on the operational aspects of physician practices and how they must change in order to successfully comply with these new rules and regulations.

Mario Garza, MSW, MBA

A well seasoned, health care administrator with over 20 year experience, in hospital administration, physician practice management, home health, pediatric rehab, consultant and as an Educator - within the UTPA MBA program for physicians. Experiences from all of these settings, offers the Continuing Education student - a comprehensive, insightful, prospective to the local medical market place. He also has a track record of patient advocacy and lobbying to protect the rights and benefits of special needs populations. He has earned an Masters in Business Administration from UT Austin and also a Masters in Social Work from St. Louis University.

His teaching style utilizes a Harvard Case Analysis methodology – the establishment of basic concepts, which are then applied to analyze real life situations. Students are then ask to present their findings in both a small group setting and open class. Participants will evolve a broad range of managerial skills, to better administer, market and adapt to changing medical market conditions. Mr. Garza is currently employed as the Associate VP, for Plan Operations, for Molina HMO where he covers the San Antonio and South Texas Markets in his role.

Program Details


UTPA McAllen Teaching Site. Map!


Registration Fee is $30 per person (includes boxed lunch).


No prerequisites required.



The Evolving Healthcare Market in South Texas
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