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Certified Public Manager: 2013-2014


The program is designed to enhance and develop the skills of the participants to deal with “real-world” challenges and situations. All tracks are developed from a “practitioner’s” point of view utilizing knowledge based skill sets that can be incorporated within your career path. The information conveyed is team taught by a combination of academic and practitioner faculty.

The Texas Certified Public Manager Program (CPM) is a nationally accredited program by the National Certified Public Manager Consortium and is cooperatively offered through the William P. Hobby Center for Public Service of Texas State University.

The Public Administration Program of The University of Texas-Pan American will administer and coordinate the curriculum, which is a seven-track course spread over a 14-month period. The CPM program is affiliated with the Master of Public Administration Program, which is within the College of Social and Behavioral Sciences.

The Coordinator for the Certified Public Manager Program is John Milford, Graduate Professional Practitioner Lecturer, at the UTPA Department of Public Affairs and Security Studies.  Mr. Milford has over thirty-three years of professional administrative experience in local government and has assembled an outstanding group of knowledgeable practicing professionals and academic faculty for each of the tracks.

Continuing Education Credit

The CPM program has been approved for continuing education credit by the County Commissioners Education Committee as mandated by the Texas State Legislature. The Texas Commission on Law Enforcement Standards and Education (TCLOSE), the Texas State Board of Accountancy and The County Treasurers’ Association has also endorsed the CPM Program for continuing education credits. Upon successful completion of all course work and assignments, the participant is eligible to receive the designation of “CERTIFIED PUBLIC MANAGER.”

Course Objectives:

  • Enhance and develop the skills of the participants to deal with “real-world” challenges and situations.

Who Should Attend?

  • Administrative officers, managers, elected officials, public safety officers, not-for-profit staff, federal staff and other participants seeking to acquire knowledge based skills to further their careers.

Testimonials From Previous Participants:

    "I have more tools to conduct my daily responsibilities and long term planning that helps me to be more effective & efficient." L. David Flores Jr. - CPM GIS Coordinator - City of Pharr, TX

    "Outstanding material." Jaime J. Munoz - Attorney at Law

    Video Testimonials From Previous Participants   




CPM Course Instuctors

Program Details


Track Seven: Mc Allen Teaching Site (MCTC)
1800 South Main St. Ste 1100,
Mc Allen, TX 78503


CPM 2013-2014 Schedule and Summary.

Public Personnel Administration
Sep 13-14, Oct 11-12
UTPA McAllen Teaching Site
Managing For Quality
Nov 15-16, Dec 13-14
City of Alton
Organizational Communication
Jan 24-25, Feb 21-22
Hidalgo County Precinct 4
Public Finance And Budgeting
Mar 21-22, Apr 18-19
Sheriff's Training Academy
Productivity And Program Evaluation
May 23-24, June 20-21
City of Edinburg Emergency Operation Center
Information Systems For Managers
July 18-19, Aug 15-16
Pharr City Hall
Applied Projects Practicum
Sep 19-20, Oct 17-18
UTPA McAllen Teaching Site

The program attendance is intended to have a minimal impact on the participant’s job and career. Each track consists of a total of three business days over two months. For example, the first part of a track is offered on a full day on Friday and a half day on Saturday, with the second part offered on the following month on a full day on Friday and a half day on Saturday.

Fridays 9 a.m to 4 p.m and Saturdays 9 a.m. to 12 p.m..

Dates listed for each track are tentative and subject to change.

CPM courses (tracks) do not need to be taken in a particular sequence; however, all seven tracks should be completed within a five-year period to qualify for completion of the program and obtain Certification.

Please click on each of the Tracks to display detailed information

Track One (Sep 13-14, Oct 11-12)

Public Personnel Administration (Location: UTPA McAllen Teaching Site)

Focus: To provide essential information concerning personnel and labor relations to public administration. Example of topics that will be covered include recruitment / selection, equal employment, opportunity / affirmative action, performance evaluations, discipline / termination, health / safety, collective bargaining, classification, compensation and employee benefits.

Track Two (Nov 15-16, Dec 13-14)

Managing For Quality (Location: City of Alton)

Focus: To provide essential information concerning the practice of building quality into public and non-profit organization. Practices such as Re-engineering, Total Quality Management (TQM) and Strategic Planning will be explored in detail. The course will also focus on how a systems approach can help public administration to understand the way in which organizations can improve their operations.


Track Three (Jan 24-25, Feb 21-22)

Organizational Communication (Location: Hidalgo County Precinct 4)

Focus: To provide essential information concerning the practice of communication within the organization. Topics include communicating with governing and oversight bodies, barriers to effective communication and dealing with disagreement, conflict and groupthink. Improving oral and written communication skills will also be covered in this track.


Track Four (Mar 21-22, Apr 18-19)

Public Finance And Budgeting (Location: Sheriff's Training Academy)

Focus: To provide essential information concerning the practice of public finance and budgeting. The basics of finance, budgeting and public sector accounting and auditing will be explored in detail. Additional topics include cut back management and economic development.


Track Five (May 23-24, June 20-21)

Productivity And Program Evaluation (Location: City of Edinburg, Emergency Operation Center)

Focus: To provide essential information on how to conduct public administration research leading toward the evaluation of public and non-profit sector programs. Benchmarking, program evaluation and the tools and techniques of public administration research will be explored. In addition, the basic principles of legal research will be covered in this track.


Track Six (July 18-19, Aug 15-16)

Information Systems For Managers (Location: Pharr City Hall)

Focus: To provide essential information about management information systems used by public sector and non-profit sector managers. Tools and systems such as the Internet and on-line federal and state data bases will be identified and discussed in detail. Additional topics include geographic information systems, and radio frequency identification technology.


Track Seven (Sep 19-20, Oct 17-18)

Applied Projects Practicum (Location: UTPA McAllen Teaching Site)

Focus: To provide students with the opportunity and tools necessary to prepare a major applied project / projects related to their organization or area of interest. This track is the “ capstone” of the CPM Program and will incorporate lessons and information provided in the other six tracks.


$ 4,165 Complete Program / $ 595 Single Track.


No Prerequisites required.

Sept 13 / Oct 11
Nov 15 / Dec 13
Jan 24 / Feb 21
Mar 21 / Apr 18
May 23 / June 20
July 18 / Aug 15
Sept 19 / Oct 17
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