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Community Historical Archeological Projects with Schools(CHAPS) – Workshop for Teachers

This workshop will introduce teachers to the resources available through the Community Historical Archaeology Project with Schools (CHAPS). It will provide them with skills in the areas of geology, biology, history, social studies, archaeology, STEM and humanities-related fields, to enable teachers to explore the story of the Rio Grande Valley (RGV) with their students.

At a Glance


To be scheduled.


UTPA Community Engagement and Student Success Building. Map!

Who should attend:

Elementary to High school Teachers.


$40 per person
This workshop will award 3 hours of Continuing Professional Education Units for Teachers.


No Prerequisites required.





Edna Alfaro

Dr. Alfaro is an Asst. Professor of Psychology, UTPA. He is developmental psychologist studying Latino students’ academic success and is part of the CHAPS-affiliated faculty and researcher team.

Rolando Garza

Mr. Rolando Garza, MA, Archeologist/Chief of Resource Management at Palo Alto Battlefield National Historical Park. Mr. Garza manages the natural and cultural resources at the park, including conducting numerous archeological investigations at the battlefields at Palo Alto, Resaca de la Palma, and the Mexican War era Fort Brown.

Juan Gonzalez

Juan Gonzalez, Ph.D.—Asst. Professor of Geology, UTPA. Dr. Gonzalez is a geomorphologist studying the depositional history of the Rio Grande Delta. He is part of the CHAPS-affiliated faculty and researcher team.

Sonia Hernandez

Sonia Hernandez, Ph.D.—Asso. Professor of History, UTPA. Dr. Hernandez is the Co- Director of the CHAPS Program. She studies changing land-use patterns in the lower Rio Grande Valley.

Daniel Nicholson

Daniel Nicholson, MA—Lecturer, UTPA. Mr. Nicholson has worked on two CHAPS research projects in Edinburg. His research interests lie in prehistoric Peru.

Karen Weaver

Karen Weaver, National Park Service Ranger at Palo Alto Battlefield National Historical Park. Ranger Weaver serves as the park’s Education Coordinator and has developed numerous elementary to secondary curricula for teaching the U.S.-Mexican War in the classroom.

Russell Skowronek

Russell Skowronek, Ph.D. –Professor of Anthropology & History. Dr. Russell is Director of the CHAPS Program, North American Prehistoric, and Spanish colonial historic archaeology and ethnohistory.