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Intermediate Digital Photography


Bring your digital camera, with its manual and software and let's take photography to the next level in this fast-paced digital photography workshop designed for those who want to move past the basics.

Course Objectives:

  • Lighting (Natural, Flash, Studio).
  • Obtain Optimal Exposure.
  • White Balance Demystified.
  • Process RAW Files in Photoshop .
  • Lenses and Gadgets.
  • New Technology and Software

Who Should Attend?

  • People who want to take their knowledge of digital photography past the basics.

Testimonials From Previous Participants:

    "Give this class a "shot" - you won't regret it!" MP

    "Great course to help kick off your passion in photography." SL


Marilyn Carren

Marilyn Carren is an artist and an educator and has been a professional photographer for 15 years. Her work has been published in the Ladies Home Journal and Texas Monthly and has been displayed at a variety of venues, including internationally, at MacQuarie University in Sydney, Australia and at the International Colloquium “Debating Women: Past and Present” at Funchal, Island of Madeira, Portugal. She’s been interviewed by the Los Angeles Times and was a featured artist on the syndicated television series “Extra.” Marilyn earned her Master of Fine Arts degree from Goddard College in Vermont where she learned how to use her photography skills to create art with the power to transform hearts and minds.

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