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THEA Test Preparation

Before enrolling at a public college or university in the state of Texas, all prospective students must demonstrate that they are capable of doing college level work. They can do this by achieving a certain score on the SAT or ACT, or by taking one of several tests that Texas education officials have designated for this purpose. One of the most common is the Texas Higher Education Assessment (THEA).

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Who should attend:

Individuals who are preparing to take the THEA or the ones who have attempted THEA but have not passed it.


The registration fee of $150 will cover the cost of instruction, the THEA official study guide and pre- and post- mock tests.


No Prerequisites required.

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Three Sections of the THEA test

Reading, Mathematics, and Writing.

A minimum passing score of 220 on the Writing portion, and 230 on the Reading and Mathematics portions is required. This is a timed test, and mostly multiple choices. The Reading section includes about 40 questions and about seven different written passages. The Mathematics section includes 50 questions on basic math, algebra, geometry, and problem solving. The Writing section includes an essay on assigned topics, and 40 question concerning vocabulary, grammar, sentence structure, etc.

Students who do not score the minimum in each section as identified above will be required to take supplemental remedial courses in college. The students who have not passed these supplemental courses in the fourth semester will not be able to get a two year degree or take higher level classes at public institutions in Texas.

Reading/Writing Section

The reading and writing part of the course will help students in understanding the contexts and demands of college level reading and writing so that they will not only perform well on entrance and placement tests, but also be better prepared for the reading and writing projects they will encounter as new college students.

Math Section

The main goal of the mathematics part of this THEA Prep Course is to refresh students’ mathematical knowledge necessary for their appropriate placements into mathematical courses. The instructor will work with students on problems of various levels of the mathematics part of THEA in order to improve students’ problem solving skills.

Detailed Schedule

This course will include 10 hours of instruction which includes 6 hours of Math & 4 hours of Reading/Writing. The classes will be held on Saturdays with Schedule as follows:
Last offered on
Saturday, April 14th Reading/Writing 8:30 AM – 12:30 PM
Saturday, April 21st & 28th Math 9 AM – 12 noon
Note: New Schedule coming soon.




Dr. Colin Charlton

Dr. Charlton received his PhD in English with a concentration in Rhetoric & Composition from Purdue University and has been teaching in the Department of English at UTPA for six years. He is currently an Associate Professor of Rhetoric & Composition and the Coordinator of Developmental Reading & Writing, and Undergraduate English Advising. He specializes in developmental education; teaching, technology, and innovation; rhetoric and composition, and the roles of design and invention in writing.

Mr. Nam Nguyen

Mr. Nam Nguyen received his M.S. in Mathematics from UTPA in 2004. He is currently a lecturer in the Department of Mathematics at UTPA. He has taught a broad range of courses that include Elementary, Intermediate, and College Algebra, Pre-Calculus/Trigonometry, EMAT I, II, III, and Contemporary Mathematics. He also served over six year as a coordinator for developmental mathematics courses at UTPA.


"This course was very helpful. I took the THEA before, so the material covered through this course will definitely help me raise my score. Everyone who needs to pass or get a higher score on the THEA should DEFINITELY take this course. It is well worth the time and money."- AR

"This course was great, I learned so much." - GH