National Science Foundation

Internal Advisory Board

Andras Balogh
Professor of Mathematics and Chair, Mathematics
Pearl Brazier 
Professor of Computer Science
Zhixian Chen
Professor of Computer Science and Chair, Computer Science
Walter Diaz 
Dean, College of Social and Behavioral Sciences 
Nicholas Dimakis
Associate Professor of Physics and Geology and Interim Chair, Physics and Geology
Heinrich Foltz
Professor of Electrical Engineering and Chair, Electrical Engineering
Robert Freeman
Professor of Mechanical Engineering and Chair, Mechanical Engineering
Miguel Gonzalez
Dean, College of Engineering and Computer Science
Laura Grabowski 
Assistant Professor of Computer Science 
Hasina Huq
Associate Professor of Electrical Engineering
Kristine Lowe
Associate Professor of Biology
Alicia Morley 
Director of The Office of Institutional Equity
Rajiv Nambiar 
Associate Professor of Manufacturing Engineering and Chair, Manufacturing Engineering
Olga Ramirez 
Professor of Mathematics 
Douglas Timmer 
Professor of Manufacturing Engineering
John Trant
Dean, College of Science and Mathematics 
John Villarreal
Professor of Chemistry and Chair, Chemistry
Xiaohui (Sophie) Wang
Associate Professor of Mathematics
Frederic Zaidan III
Associate Professor of Biology and Chair, Biology
Liang Zeng
Associate Professor of Physics and Geology