National Science Foundation


Vice Provost Fellows, Faculty Affairs

  • Marie Mora Marie T. Mora, Economics
  • Rebecca Mitchell Rebecca N. Mitchell, English

ADVANCE Stem Fellows

  • Hasina Huq Hasina Huq, Electrical Engineering
  • Kristine Lowe Kristine Lowe, Biology

Chair Fellows

  • Andras Balogh Andras Balogh, Mathematics
  • Rajiv Nambiar Rajiv Nambiar, Manufacturing Engineering


Administrative Fellows, 2013-14

Dr. Dorina Chipara - Assistant Professor of Physics and Geology
Office of Undergraduate Research and Service Learning
Dr. Dorina ChiparaDr. Chipara assisted with the development of infrastructure to identify, promote, and assess supervised student research activities across campus. Among other initiatives, her responsibilities included collecting data on existing Undergraduate Research activities. She also assisted with coordinating the Fall 2013 Undergraduate Research Conference.
Dr. Teresa P. Feria - Assistant Professor of Biology
Office of Research
Dr. Teresa P. FeriaDr. Feria assisted the Office of Research in initiatives that were mutually beneficial in terms of meeting the needs of the office and providing opportunities for her professional growth. In particular, she worked with the Vice Provost for Research in engaging the Centers on campus to move to the next level of excellence, such as through the new Thematic Scholarly Communities; she also contributed to new faculty training programs for developing competitive proposals in collaboration with the Offices of Sponsored Projects and the Office of the Vice Provost for Faculty Affairs. She also had significant interaction with faculty members to engage them in research, scholarship and creative activities.
Dr. Javier Macossay- Associate Professor of Chemistry
Office of the Vice President for University Advancement
Dr. Javier MacossayDr. Macossay worked on a research project titled “Analysis of the South Texas Region’s Past Giving Culture, Present Giving Culture and Forecast of Future Giving”. This research helped identify proven methods that positively impact philanthropy in areas similar to the South Texas region, where philanthropy efforts for higher education tend to be non-traditional.
Dr. Marci McMahon - Assistant Professor of English
Office of the Vice Provost for Faculty Affairs
Dr. Marci McMahonDr. McMahon’s primary responsibility was coordinating the Spring 2014 UTPA ADVANCE Symposium: ADVANCING Women in the Academic STEM fields through Dual Career Policies and Practices, which included participants from approximately 20 universities from around the country. Her work involved planning, communicating, and coordinating the logistics of this symposium. She also contributed to other programs and initiatives administered by the Office of the Vice Provost for Faculty Affairs.
Dr. Liang Zeng - Associate Professor of Physics and Geology
Office of the Vice President for Business Affairs
Dr. Liang ZengDr. Zheng assisted the Office of the Vice President for Business Affairs in the development and assessment of large scale K-12 STEM programs. She also worked with the quantification of current University programs that provided a premise for a 5-year longitudinal study.