National Science Foundation


Recruitment Initiative


  1. Develop comprehensive recruitment plan. All search committees will be required to complete a comprehensive ADVANCE recruitment plan, detailing how their search will address an expanded applicant pool to recruit a vibrant, diverse faculty.
  2. Providing training to search committees. Mandatory annual training for all search committee members, Department chairs, and Deans will generate awareness of and sensitivity to unintentional biases in the STEM faculty hiring process.
  3. Initiating new advertisement strategies to generate more diverse applicant pools. This will include going beyond the standard EEOC statement to encourage female candidates to apply. Strategies include advertising in women’s organizations publications like WISE (Women in Science and Engineering); targeting/inviting specific potential applicants; and sending department chairs and/or search committee members to recruit and set up booths at women’s and Hispanic target conferences. Departments can use the allocated recruitment enhancement funding for these purposes.
  4. Expanding the number of interviewed candidates’ pool for more diversity. We will provide supplemental funding for each search in order to bring in additional female candidates for campus interviews. Funds may also be available for enhancing campus visits.
  5. Enhancing start-up packages for new female faculty in STEM fields. We have allocated significant resources for STEM female recruitment startup package enhancements to be distributed competitively for 2-4 new STEM females for laboratory and research equipment use. This will be used as an added incentive and will NOT replace the standard startup currently offered. In addition, we have allocated funding for five 2-year graduate research assistantships to be added in the recruitment package.
  6. Initiate Launch Committees. Each incoming ADVANCE hire will be assigned a group of mentors who will begin working in the summer to ensure that the transition to faculty life at UTPA is as smooth as possible.

Leadership Team

Ala Qubbaj (Co-Chair)
Professor of Mechanical Engineering and Vice Provost for Faculty Affairs
Rebecca Mitchell (Co-Chair)
Associate Professor of English and Vice Provost Fellow for Faculty Affairs
Hasina Huq
ADVANCE STEM Fellow, Associate Professor of Electrical Engineering
Kristine Lowe
ADVANCE STEM Fellow, Associate Professor of Biology
Rajiv Nambiar
ADVANCE Chair Fellow, Associate Professor of Manufacturing Engineering and Chair, Manufacturing Engineering
Andras Balogh
ADVANCE Chair Fellow, Professor of Mathematics and Chair, Mathematics
Alicia Morley
Director of the Office of Institutional Equity


Resource List

  • Online Resources
  • Books & Articles
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