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Policy and Climate Change

Policy & Climate Initiative


  1. Maternity/paternity and sick leave policies change to a minimum of six weeks PAID leave and an unpaid parental leave (up to one year) will be initiated. Along with that, sick leave will be reclassified as “medical absence leave” rather than SICK leave to accommodate maternity/paternity leave needs.
  2. Institute a trailing spouse/partner hiring policy and a dual career policy.
  3. Develop a modified instructional duties policy to allow faculty to bank courses across academic years or barter their teaching schedule to accommodate a necessary and planned leave.
  4. Expand formal mentoring beyond the first year for new faculty to all other faculty in the tenure-track and associate professor ranks. The period of time to stop the tenure clock is limited to one year, which is currently granted under special circumstances. A more flexible tenure policy that includes tenure-clock stoppage and active service-modified duties for ladder-rank faculty will be developed.
  5. Establish a joint Senate-ADVANCE Policies and Climate Team.

Psychologically Healthy Workplace. A framework by the American Psychological Association, outlining 5 areas of focus:

  • Growth and Development: provide employees with the opportunity to expand their knowledge, skills, and abilities and provide an outlet to apply these gained competencies.
  • Health & Well-Being: maximize health of employees through prevention, assessment, and treatment of potential health risks.
  • Involvement: allow employees to bring ideas and perspectives as a part of organizational decision-making.
  • Recognition: all employees are rewarded for their contributions and achievements.
  • Work-Life Balance: help employees balance the multiple demands in their lives.


Dora Saavedra (Chair-Elect)
Associate Professor of Communication
Cristina Villalobos (Co-Chair)
Professor of Mathematics and Director, STEM Education
Janis Feldman
Associate Professor of Social Work
Javier Kypuros
Associate Professor of Mechanical Engineering
Linda Matthews
Professor of Management, Management
Shirley Mills (Co-Chair of Womens Faculty Network)
Assistant Professor of Educational Leadership
Thomas White (Immediate Past Chair)
Associate Professor of Criminal Justice and Faculty Senate Chair