Small Business Development Center Network


"If you are starting your own business in this climate, you are probably doing it alone. UTPA is a perfect location to get to bounce ideas off. They can steer you in directions that will save you LOTS of time/money. They are very busy but the time spent with you is intense and uninterrupted. Well worth the wait." - Anonymous

"My experience with Ms. Rincon has been exceedingly gratifying and I appreciate the interest she showed in assisting me. Thank you, Adriana. " - Valley Dental Supply Company

"The information that you gave me is enough to take a good decision and start my business. Now I'm working in finding the financial support, but this will depend on my own. In the near future, I'll return to you to ask for support creating my business plan. At this time, your help is good enough and I thank you for that." - Anonymous